This page is super old!! I'll get around to updating it someday...

Just know that this was probably last updated at some time around 2016-2017; I know much more about 'stuff' now and am into some really cool things that I'd love to share with people!


Created: --/09/2016
This project was recomended to me by a friend, on the site you create a profile then rate anyone you know, it creates a devide between those who are rated highly and those who are rated lowly.

Newham MPC Booking system

Created: --/12/2016
I was asked to create a booking system for the local sporting courts and so I created this; it allows approved users to book any sessions they want to have for using the courts. These sessions can then be easily reviewed by any moderators.

City Week Project

Created: 10/08/2016
As a project for school, we were tasked to go into Melbourne, document some information and then present it; our group chose to make a website.